A Simple World ..

Have you ever thought, why are there so many rules, regulations and boundaries stopping you from what you want and who you want to be? Do you feel like pretending and not showing up the real you? Why is there so irresistable frustration in the society. In this 12,742 km diameter of planet Earth, carrying so much to see, so much to feel, so much to look around, so much to adventure. We are stuck in our lives, trying to make money, family, a perfect luxurious life, and DIE!


I ponder, what it would be like if there was a world without restrictions, culture difference, gender discrimination, society rules, constraints, and politics. A world where there were no states, no countries, no cities, no cast, no different languages, no religion differences, no rich, no poor, nothing that conflicts. A world where we all were humans and only humans! And we had plenty of time to admire the wonders of so perfectly created universe.

Life would have been much simpler.

But then again, Can we live that simple?


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