Sometimes in life, you are so abandoned that nothing seems right.  You are so fed up, so messed up that you want to get rid of everything, everyone and life. But there are always few people and some reasons holding you back. Forever hell should never be one’s choice.


By Maryam Niazi

Where I’ve been? Where am I? Nothing right, Suicide? I’ve been into tragedies Full of pain, Decide !!

I don’t know what life is, Audacious or *beep beep* Too slow, Too low… Suicide? No No !

It is good? Or is it bad? Feelingless, So sad.. Sacrifices or Boundaries, Break them off, Getting mad

I don’t know what life is, Happiness or *beep beep* Too slow,Too low, Suicide? No No !

Hold on? Or give it up? Am I weak? Or strong enough? Endless hopes, I am up! I’ll show life I am tough!

Yes I know what LIFE is, I’ll go! Will show. Suicide? Noo Nooo !!!!

Suicide? NOO NOO !!


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