Different But Equal: Freedom Of Expression


Nothing in the universe is alike. Dissimilarity exists everywhere. We have 9 planets, all have separate properties. There are four seasons in a year, all come with contrast flavors of nature. All human beings have unalike faces. It’s in the nature, that people have different qualities and interests.

For an example, There are open-minded people and then there exist narrow-minded people. They will have opinions for each other with reasoning. But both of the groups are right in their own way. Its only that they are distinct from each other in style of living.


These differences in people sometimes generate a complex of superiority and inferiority. None is superior or inferior to the other. Not even by culture, religion, or status. Everyone born and sent to earth has some uniqueness. Equal in rights, in taking benefits and in living. But in terms of how to do so, they act different.

We can not take away anyone’s freedom of expressing themselves. They may be intolerable and impermissible but who they are is what they want to be. And others should accept them. And you can be what you want to be. And make them accept you!

Enjoy the Power of Emancipation.


4 thoughts on “Different But Equal: Freedom Of Expression

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